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I don't like saints

So catholic school seems to be going really well for Belle (insert eye roll emoji). Today, as we drove home from pick-up she informed me that she "hates saints." So there's that.

Me: what did you learn about at school today?

B: we talked about saints. I don't like them.

Me: you don't like saints? Why?

B: Nope. I hate them.

Me: time out. You don't hate anyone. And saints are saints because they're really kind and they do amazing things.

B: I know. That's what I don't like about them. All those nice things.

Me: well that's alarming. What about Saint Elizabeth? That's who you're named after.

B: UGH! I know all about her.... Her name is Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Me: Ya, she's awesome!

B: You didn't say it right. It's Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, not just Saint Elizabeth. And I don't like her. Can we be done talking about this?

Good talk, kid. So, I should be concerned right? My kid literally hates saints.

Pictured here: NOT a saint.

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29. Nov. 2018

Good Lord, perhaps we should tell Miss Elizabeth Ray that her Great Grandfather Raymond made it his life's work to translate the Latin Mass into English and studied the lives of the saints....he is rolling around in his grave over this and he is probably saying one of his favorite lines: "God Damn kids!" xoxoxoGigi

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