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I don't like saints

So catholic school seems to be going really well for Belle (insert eye roll emoji). Today, as we drove home from pick-up she informed me that she "hates saints." So there's that.

Me: what did you learn about at school today?

B: we talked about saints. I don't like them.

Me: you don't like saints? Why?

B: Nope. I hate them.

Me: time out. You don't hate anyone. And saints are saints because they're really kind and they do amazing things.

B: I know. That's what I don't like about them. All those nice things.

Me: well that's alarming. What about Saint Elizabeth? That's who you're named after.

B: UGH! I know all about her.... Her name is Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Me: Ya, she's awesome!

B: You didn't say it right. It's Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, not just Saint Elizabeth. And I don't like her. Can we be done talking about this?

Good talk, kid. So, I should be concerned right? My kid literally hates saints.

#prayforus #lordhelpme #jesustakethewheel #shitbellesays

Pictured here: NOT a saint.

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