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Casual morning murder

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

So this one time, there was a snake in the pool. Yes, a SNAKE. And I got it out. While also holding Rosie (who is not small) on my hip. And I didn't drop her in the pool, or sprain an ankle, or anything else dramatic. And I DO NOT DO SNAKES. But it was 90 something degrees so, you know, desperate times. But then this happened:

Me: Belle, can we talk about how I just got that snake out?! I hate snakes. Belle: why mom?? Snakes are awesome! They eat bugs and other snakes. And you made it dead. Me: no I did not! I saved that snake and threw him in the woods. Belle: ok, but you’re a people killer.

(insert head tilt and strange look at my 4 yr old child)

Me: am I? Belle: ya. You killed that person this morning. Remember? Me: no. I definitely do not remember that. Belle: let’s have popsicles

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