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Mom vs. Dad

The other day I was driving home from picking up Belle from school and got a call from my husband. Belle asked him to come home early from work and he explained that he had some more calls to make and work to do before he'd be home. We both explained (as we often do) that Daddy has to work hard to earn money to buy all the things we need. To which Belle replied:

"Daddy, you have such a big heart. Just like Jesus."

(Insert eye roll) Despite the eye rolling, I do know that my husband does in fact have a huge heart and he works very hard for our family. But come on. JESUS? And just as I'm mentally reprimanding myself for the eye-roll because he deserves these adorable compliments just as much as I do, I asked Belle to please carry her blanket and dog stuffed animal into the house. Here's how that went:

B: Ugh, Mommmmm. I can't carry all of that. Can you do it?

Me: No. I can't. I'm carrying your backpack, lunchbox and a human. Her name is Rosie.

B: But that's your job, Mom! Daddy sells houses and you take care of yourself...(this is where she laughs/scoffs at herself)...I mean you don't take care of yourself, you take care of me, and Rosie and Daddy! That's your job mom.

So there you have it. Dad has a heart as big as Jesus, and Mom takes care of everyone. Except for herself. Because that would be ridiculous.

.....I also carry ALL OF THE THINGS. #becausethatswhatmomsarefor

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1 Comment

Jan 20, 2019

If you wanted to get philosophical, you could also tell Belle that you carry her heart. xoxox

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